A Sudden Increase in Training Intensity Increases Injury Rates


As the evenings are becoming brighter people are turning their thoughts towards getting outdoors for exercise. It may even be time to get the running shoes on again. At this time of year, people tend to present with overload type injuries induced from a sudden increase in exercise intensity.

A recent study published in the British Joournal of Sports Medicine suggests that a sudden increase in training intensity is associated with a significant increased injury risk. This research showed that a very- high 2-week average acute:chronic workload ratio (≥1.54) was associated with the greatest risk of injury (28.6% injury risk). In other words, an increased in training intensity above the normal for that person is associated with a significant increased injury rate of almost 30%. This research was performed in professional athletes but it is possible that the average person may be at even greater risk of increasing injury risk due to a lack of muscular adaptation & conditioning. The takehome message is to increased the intensity gradually. Many an exercise plan has been cut short due to injury. Adequate planning is key to preventing this from happening.