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Sports Injury Clinic

Sports Injury Specialist: 

  • Former Ireland underage rugby player
  • Former underage county gaelic footballer
  • Several years experience dealing with sports teams including rugby, hurling & soccer.

Knee, Shoulder & Joint Pain: Having successfully eradicated my own chronic knee & shoulder pain I understand how these conditions can be particularly responsive to appropriate treatment.

Having played a wide array of sports including underage rugby for Ireland and County football, I have experienced my fair share of sports injuries. Whether injuries occur while playing sport or from everyday activities, the end goal is to return to normal activity & prevent long-term pain or reinjury. Whether from pitch-side or in the private clinic, I have treated several sports teams over the years across a range of sports including rugby, soccer and gaelic.

Unfortunately, sports injuries are unavoidable when playing a sport for any significant period of time. Oftentimes, people are surprised when they discover that their injuries have occurred because of everyday patterns of movement that may have been present over several months or even years. The key to longevity in sport is to rehabilitate sports injuries properly so that they do not come back to haunt the athlete later in their career.

Although it is difficult for the athlete to appreciate this when all they want to do is get back on the sports field, a sports injury can provide a window within which athletic performance and injury risk profile can be reduced. The data shows that the athlete is at greater risk of re-injury after they have just returned to sport. Many sports people make the mistake of thinking that the physiotherapy programme can stop as soon as they are back training but actively continuing the rehabilitation during this period can reduce the re-injury rates even further.

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