Ross Allen
B.Sc. (Hons) Physiotherapy;  M.I.S.C.P.
B.Sc. (Hons) Chiropractic; D.C.; M.C.A.I.
Dip. Sports Injury Therapist

Physio Newbridge

Physio Newbridge: Ross is a Chartered Physiotherapist & Chiropractor


Call the Physio Clinic Newbridge on:   (045) 874682 


Back Pain Specialist Physio Newbridge:

Ross has been treating back pain since 2002 & has extensive experience working in some of the top pain clinics in Ireland.

Sports Injury Specialist:

Former underage Irish rugby international & county footballer

Knee, Shoulder & Joint Pain:

Having successfully eradicated my own chronic knee & shoulder pain I understand how these conditions can be particularly responsive to appropriate treatment

Physio Newbridge. Chartered Physio & Chiropractor


Call the Physio Clinic Newbridge on:   (045) 874682 

Physio Newbridge

The Physio Clinic, Newbridge & Naas is the leading physiotherapy clinic in Kildare. The clinic was set up by lead clinical physiotherapist Ross Allen. He has 10 years of training in the injury rehabilitation field allied with 15 years of practice experience.  He is uniquely qualified to help you to recover from your injury, whether you are suffering with back pain or other joint injuries such as those involving the shoulder & knee. He has worked in many of the top Physiotherapy & Chiropractor Clinics across Ireland prior to opening Newbridge Physio Clinic.

Ross specialises in cases that have not responded to previous treatment or where a second opinion is required prior to undergoing a surgical procedures. If you are feeling frustrated with an injury or not attaining the results that you were hoping for then contact Newbridge Physio Clinic.

Ross’s unique set of skills allow him to identify the most appropriate treatment techniques appropriate to each individual. Ross is a Chartered Physiotherapist & a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin. He also graduated as a Chiropractor from the University of South Wales, Cardiff. Here at the Physio Clinic, Newbridge & Naas we are delighted to offer top class physiotherapy & chiropractic services.

The Physio Clinic, Newbridge & Naas provides a client focused service to help individuals to regain optimum health as rapidly as possible. Ross has significant experience in helping those who have chronic (long-term) conditions which have not responded to prior treatments. If your condition is presenting in a complex manner that is difficult to diagnose then Ross is available for second opinions and to provide advice on conditions that have appeared to be untreatable to date.

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Ross Allen: Naas & Newbridge Physio Clinic Director. Back Pain Specialist

My own interest in injury rehabilitation came about through a significant injury I suffered while training at a county football training session at the age of 15. I tore my hamstring while kicking the football. Little did I know at the time that this would turn in to a recurring injury that would eventually give rise to low back pain also.

I sought treatment from several local practitioners including several physiotherapists & a chiropractor. Eventually after missing an entire season I made it back successfully. This experience helped me in developing my passion for physiotherapy and for helping others who may be going through a similar experience.

I first started treating back pain and injuries in 2001 and since then my practice has evolved significantly & is reflected in the leading edge treatments provided at Newbridge Physio Clinic.

Physio Clinic, Newbridge is an innovative physiotherapy and sports injury clinic. We provide highly effective treatment for a wide variety of injuries and conditions. At the Physio Clinic, Newbridge we provide individually tailored and evidence based treatments to facilitate a rapid recovery and return to normal function. Whether you suffer with chronic back pain effecting your ability to work, sports injuries stopping you from playing in the cup final or if you have undergone a road traffic accident then we are here to help.

The Physio Clinic experience includes a dynamic, hands-on approach including Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Sports Rehabilitation & Biomechanical Assessment.

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