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Calf Stretch

Calf-stretch by Naas Physio Clinic

Different Methods for performing calf stretches

1) Calf Stretch in Lunge position

Set up:

  • Lunge standing (One leg forward, other leg behind and hands resting on the wall)


  • Lean forward until you feel a good stretch along the back of the rear calf. Ensure you keep your heel in contact with the floor and refrain from bouncing movements.
  • Make sure the back heel remains in contact with the ground and feet pointing straight ahead.
  • You will feel a stretch in the calf of the back leg.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds.



Method 2

Set up:

  • Standing facing the wall


  • Standing on one foot, place the other heel in front. Toes should touch the wall.
  • Both knees should be straight and hands are on the wall for support.
  • You will feel a tolerable stretch in the calf of the front leg.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds.


3) Calf Stretch Off Edge of Step

Set up:

  • Standing on the edge of the stairs
  • Both heels unsupported.


  • Slowly lower both heels.
  • Keep knees straight.
  • You will feel a stretch in both calf muscles. This position is recommended for athletes and sports persons.
  • Hold the hand rail for support.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds
  • Repeat 3-5 times.

Ankle Joint mobilisation

Apart from a tight muscle, the joint range can also be restricted due to a tight capsule. Self mobilisation of the specific joint stretches its capsule resulting in increased range. At Naas Physiotherapy Clinic we specialise in joint mobilisation techniques.

Ankle self mobilisation method


  • Stand facing the wall in lunge position
  • Both feet pointing straight ahead


  • Drive the knee of the front leg towards the wall.
  • Keep both heels in contact with the floor
  • Move back and forth in small range
  • Repeat 10 times. Rest & perform 2 sets. (20 reps in total)
  • Repeat with the other leg


Stretching Technique Tips:

  • Forceful stretching for a quicker gain is an absolute no-no.
  • Avoid breath holding while stretching

These exercises should be carried out under the supervision of a qualified physiotherapist or a medical professional. A full examination of the lower body should precede these exercises. The management accepts no responsibility for the issues arising due to unsupervised performance of these techniques.


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