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Exercise Therapy


Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy

At the Physio Clinic – Naas we specialise in providing bespoke exercise therapy programmes tailored to deal with your specific complaint. Exercise interventions are a critical part of the rehabilitation process and should be adhered to if full recovery from injury is to take place. In acute pain, exercise can often still be performed at a lower intensity and as pain subsides this intensity can be increased gradually as symptoms allow. Where many patients go wrong in terms of recovery, especially in cases of low back pain, is they avoid exercise after a ‘flare up’; however, this is contradictory to current evidence in terms of back pain and neck pain best practice guidelines. Exercise can have an enormous effect across a spectrum of conditions from back pain & joint pain to high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.

We understand that exercise can be time consuming and so we endeavor to make the exercise therapy programme as simple and achievable as possible to fit around your busy schedule.

Therapeutic exercise therapy can form an important component in athletic preparation and can be used to address particular deficits in strength, balance or flexibility in order to improve athletic performance and decrease injury risk.

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