Manipulation for Back Pain by Chiropractor Naas

What does Spinal Manipulation Treat?

Manipulation is very effective at dealing with conditions where there is a component of joint stiffness or restriction. It helps to reduce pain and increase range of motion in back pain, neck pain and even for increasing range of motion in peripheral joints which may become limited secondary to arthritis or prior sports injuries. Joint & spine manipulation will only be utilized in cases where physical examination shows that such a procedure is indicated.

What is Spinal Manipulation?

Manipulation involves the application of a thrust to a specific joint of the spine or extremity. An audible crack may or may not occur with such techniques & these noises occur due to the release of gases from the capsule of the joint.

In some cases of back pain or neck pain, this can result in immediate relief of symptoms. Such procedures should be utilized in conjunction with a home-physiotherapy programme to improve long-term outcomes, especially in cases of chonic back pain.

Evidence for Manipulation for Low Back Pain

In a recent research review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers looked for recent studies performed since 2011, as well as those that had been performed before.

They reported that the evidence from 15 randomized controlled trials, involving over 1,700 patients, showed that spinal manipulation caused an improvement in pain of about 10 points on a 100-point scale.

The evidence from 12 randomized controlled trials of almost 1,400 patients showed that spinal manipulation also resulted in improvements in function in those with back pain.

In February 2017, a systematic review of the literature published in the Annals of Internal Medicine gave rise to new practice guidelines from the American College of Physicians.

As part of these new clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of subacute back pain the authors recommended spinal manipulation as a first-line therapy in the treatment of low back pain.


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