Acupuncture has been used from as far back as 1000BC as a treatment technique in traditional Chinese medicine. Dry needling is a Western form of acupuncture which we use in our clinic as an adjunct to other hands-on treatment interventions.

This type of acupuncture used by physiotherapists and other medical professionals is used to alleviate pain by specifically targeting areas of muscular hyperactivity (spasm) and helping to release the muscle tension often present in people with long-term muscular conditions such as back pain.


At Naas Physio Clinic we use acupuncture primarily to alleviate tension in patients suffering with back pain and shoulder pain.

The needles are inserted in specific points known as myofascial trigger points that are identified as the source of pain. Trigger points are specific areas within the muscle that can become hyperactive and drive pain referral to surrounding areas.

Some people report being afraid of needles. Often, people are surprised by the lack of pain present when performing dry needling into the muscle. Indeed, in many cases, you won’t even feel the needle being inserted. 

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