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Physiotherapist Naas & Newbridge

An Irish qualified physiotherapist have completed a minimum of 4 years of a university degree. It is important to ensure that your physio is a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (MISCP) as this acts as a guarantee of their qualifications.

At the Physio Clinic, Naas & Newbridge, we utilise hands-on Physiotherapy techniques such as muscular techniques & joint mobilisations to treat a range of conditions. We specialise in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, sports injuries and joint issues such as arthritis.
A Physiotherapist places a large emphasis on exercise prescription as a means of correcting movement dysfunction and improving overall health status. There is growing evidence for the benefits of exercise in the literature and this complies with the evidence-based approach demanded by the physiotherapy profession.

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Chiropractor Naas & Newbridge

The education of a Chiropractor is amongst the highest standards of any of the health professions. The ‘Sweden Report’ demonstrated that the 4-5 year university training programme for a Chiropractor was the equivalent of Swedish medical education. The Manga Report, which is one of the largest scientific analysis of low back pain found that spinal manipulation as applied by a chiropractor was more effective than alternative treatments for low back pain. It also found that manipulation used by chiropractors was safer than other medical treatments for low back pain.

Several top sports stars from Tiger Woods to Padraig Harrington utilise a chiropractor as part of their medical team to achieve optimal sports performance. Most international Olympic teams also use a chiropractor to optimise performance & to manage & prevent sports injury. To find out more about Chiropractor care call the Physio Clinic Naas & Newbridge today, please contact us.

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Acupuncture for Back Pain

Acupuncture has been used from as far back as 1000BC as a treatment technique in traditional Chinese medicine. Dry needling is a Western form of acupuncture which we use in our clinic as an adjunct to other hands-on treatment interventions. This type of acupuncture used by physiotherapists is used to alleviate pain by specifically targeting areas of muscular hyperactivity (spasm) and helping to release the muscle tension often present in people with long-term muscular conditions such as back pain.

Apart from Physiotherapy & Chiropractic services, here at the Physio Clinic: Naas & Newbridge, we use acupuncture primarily to alleviate tension in patients suffering with back pain and shoulder pain. The needles are inserted in specific points known as myofascial trigger points that are identified as the source of pain. The dry needling procedure has the additional benefit of being generally pain-free. To find out more about our additional Physiotherapist & Chiropractor services, please call the Physio Clinic – Naas & Newbridge contact us.

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Shoulder Pain Rehabilitation 

The shoulder joint is one of the most complex joints in the human body. Due to the large range of motion available at the shoulder it is an inherently unstable joint. In order to maintain stability, the shoulder has a complex system of ligaments, tendons and muscles. The rotator cuff muscles are a group of four muscles that act to hold the head of the humerus (arm) into the shoulder socket (glenoid fossa). Overload of these muscles and their tendon insertions are common in the ageing population & in athletes.

Often, several years of poor posture leads to gradual overload of shoulder structures such as the rotator cuff muscles. When a state of chronic overload exists at the shoulder then injury can occur more readily than would be the case with an otherwise healthy shoulder. This may manifest as a sudden pain after reaching overhead, falling or lifting weights. Here at the Physio Clinic – Naas & Newbridge our goal is to alleviate symptoms while addressing the underlying postural abnormalities. Failure to address this component of the condition can predispose the individual to recurrence of their shoulder pain.

Restriction in shoulder movement and pain with overhead activities are common indicators of shoulder dysfunction. The earlier such problems are addressed the better the long-term outcome. Often patients will present reporting years of niggling pain in the shoulder that they hoped would go with rest. They frequently describe a recent increase in pain, clicking, night pain, or an inability to reach behind the back. These symptoms may indicate a condition that has progressed significantly & therefore will require more time to manage effectively.

Due to the complexity of the shoulder joint and the many structures that may give rise to pain, shoulder rehabilitation requires a more comprehensive approach than other joint conditions.

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Sports Injury Clinic

Unfortunately, sports injuries are unavoidable if one is involved in sport for any significant period of time. The key to longevity in sport is to rehabilitate sports injuries properly so that they do not come back to haunt the athlete later in their career. Although it is difficult for the athlete to appreciate this at the time, a sports injury can provide a window within which athletic performance and injury risk profile can be reduced while rehabilitating the current injury.

At the Physio Clinic: Naas & Newbridge we are experts in sports injury rehabilitation. Ross Allen is a former Ireland rugby international & county footballer. He has worked with several rugby, football, soccer & hurling teams since 2002.

To book a consultation with Ross phone the Physio Clinic Naas & Newbridge on:
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Chronic Pain (Persistent Pain)

While acute (short-term) conditions are more straightforward to deal with, once a condition persists over a longer period of time then this is where the complexity increases. Chronic or long-term pain requires a multi-faceted approach to address several components that are perpetuating/driving the pain cycle. Education and graduated exercises are particularly important in addressing this condition. Addressing chronic pain requires a clear understanding of the causes and a long-term plan to improve pain and function.

To get more information about our additional Physiotherapist & Chiropractor services, call Naas Physio Clinic contact us.

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Elderly Rehabilitation

Our Chartered Physiotherapists provide a comprehensive assessment and physiotherapy treatment for conditions which require rehabilitation. The primary emphasis is based upon helping to maintain function & independence by addressing issues relating to mobility and balance. The goal is to provide interventions which are practical and fit with the individuals current lifestyle and routines.

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Exercise Therapy for Back Pain

Along with our Physio & Chiropractor services, we specialise in providing bespoke exercise programmes tailored to deal with your specific complaint. Exercise interventions are a critical part of the rehabilitation process and should be adhered to if full recovery from injury is to take place. Here at the Physio Clinic Naas & Newbridge we emphasise the importance of this approach with all of our patients. In acute pain, exercise can often still be performed at a lower intensity and as pain subsides this intensity can be increased gradually as symptoms allow. Where many patients go wrong in terms of recovery, especially in cases of low back pain, is they avoid exercise after a ‘flare up’; however, this is contradictory to current evidence in terms of back pain and neck pain best practice guidelines. Exercise can have an enormous effect across a spectrum of conditions from back pain & joint pain to high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.

We understand that exercise can be time consuming and so we endeavor to make the exercise programme as simple and achievable as possible to fit around your busy schedule.

Therapeutic exercise prescription can form an important component in athletic preparation and can be used to address particular deficits in strength, balance or flexibility in order to improve athletic performance and decrease injury risk.

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Knee Pain Rehabilitation

Knee Arthritis

Knee injuries are very common in the ageing population. This population most commonly suffers with knee pain secondary to arthritis. This type of knee pain is characteristically worse with weight bearing activities such as going up stairs.

Arthritis usually develops due to poor biomechanics, excess weight or lack of exercise. Most patients consider knee arthritis as an overuse injury & are often surprised to be informed that arthritis can also develop due to lack of exercise or poor movement mechanics. In fact, despite common beliefs to the contrary, the research now demonstrates that long-distance runners do not have an increased level of knee pain associated with arthritis & indeed, running may provide some protection against the development of the condition (Cymet & Sinkov 2006).

Poor movement mechanics can lead to a joint being taken through unhealthy ranges of motion that can give rise to non-neutral loading. The old approach was to rest & avoid activities that would ‘stress’ the knee.  It is of utmost importance to develop strength & control around the knee. This increased strength can help to decrease the load on the degenerative knee joint and can make everyday activities such as standing, kneeling or running much less painful for the arthritis sufferer.

For more information on treatment of the shoulder call the Physio Clinic – Naas & Newbridge today on:
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Knee Injuries from Sport

Knee injuries are very common in athletes, especially those involved in field sports that require sharp changes of direction such as soccer, gaelic, tennis & martial arts. A blow to the outside of the leg can lead to excessive movement at the knee joint & consequent injury to the knee ligaments. These injuries may also occur if the athlete pivots suddenly while the foot is planted on the ground. A click taking place at the time of injury is a warning sign that significant damage may have occurred & in such cases the athlete would be wise to have the knee assessed by a physiotherapist as soon as possible. Injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament, the medial & lateral collateral ligaments or the meniscus are frequent consequences of knee trauma in sports people. In the worst-case scenario, all three of these ligaments may be injured concurrently.

Early diagnosis is critical in the treatment & management of knee injuries in sport. In the majority of conditions a physiotherapy rehabilitation programme will allow the individual to return to sport without any negative consequence from the injury.

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Cymet, C., Sinkov, V. Does long-distance running cause osteoarthritis? Osteopath Assoc. 2006 Jun;106(6):342-5.

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Chiropractor Manipulation for Back Pain

Chiropractor management of back pain usually involves treatment involving manipulation of the spinal joints. Manipulation is also commonly utilised by as part of physio treatment. It is very effective at dealing with conditions where there is a component of joint stiffness or restriction. It helps to reduce pain and increase range of motion in back pain, neck pain and even for increasing range of motion in peripheral joints which may become limited secondary to arthritis or prior sports injuries. Here at the Physio Clinic Naas & Newbridge, joint & spine manipulation will only be utilised in cases where physical examination shows that such a procedure is indicated.

Manipulation involves the application of a thrust to a specific joint of the spine or extremity. An audible crack may or may not occur with such techniques & these noises occur due to the release of gases from the capsule of the joint. In some cases of back pain or neck pain, this can result in immediate relief of symptoms. Such procedures should be utilised in conjunction with a home-physiotherapy programme to mprove long-term outcomes, especially in cases of chonic back pain.

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Post-Operative Rehabilitation

At Naas Physio Clinic our post-operative physiotherapist  interventons allow us to collaborate with our medical colleagues to ensure you maximise your potential after surgery. Early rehabilitation and restoration of range of motion, balance and strength is vital to restore adequate function and to maximise the benefits of the surgical procedure. We encounter many post-surgical patients, most commonly after hip and knee replacements, ACL reconstructions and spinal surgery. The clinical evidence emphasises the importance of pre-operative rehabilitation as having an enormous significant impact on post-surgical outcomes.

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