Moderate intensity workout as good as High intensity exercise to lose weight

Fascinating new research suggests that the intensity of exercise is irrelevant as long as the total calories expended are similar. In fact a daily 40 minute aerobic workout has the same effect as a 10 minute burst workout. Here at Naas Physio Clinic, we constantly encourage those who are busy & struggle for time to introduce an element of interval training at a high intensity both for weight loss and improvements in fitness as this has been shown to be as good as moderate intensity exercise.

This was proven in a recent study conducted on 38 men and women who were overweight. Divided into two groups; one half were made to do a vigorous workout on the treadmill while the other half did a moderate intensity workout for 5 days a week for 3 weeks. The calories consumed through food and fluids were kept the same for both groups.

Intensity Exercise by Physio Naas

At the end of the study participants were evaluated for insulin sensitivity and fat tissue composition. The pre and post-trial sample results were startling. Both groups showed almost identical weight loss and heightened insulin sensitivity values. Other fitness parameters like reduction in adipose tissue (fat) mass, blood pressure values and cholesterol figures were also a close match between both groups.

These results clearly indicate that it does not matter how gently or vigorously you exercise. Both are equally beneficial in terms of weight loss as long as you watch the calories you eat and burn!

These findings are definitely reassuring for those who prefer brisk walks or weekend bike rides to weights. For those pressed for time, 10 minute power workouts will also do the trick. It’s entirely your call what form of exercise suits you best. You will obtain the same benefits no matter what form of exercise you choose as long as you monitor the calories consumed.. Overeating is a definite No-No.

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