Causes of sports injuries with treatment at Naas Physio Clinic

Sports Injury Specialist: 

  • Former underage Irish rugby international & county footballer
  • Experience working with rugby, football, hurling & soccer teams over a 10 year period
  • Extensive private practice experience 

Sports Injury

Naas Physio Clinic is proud to provide top class Physiotherapy & Sports Injury services to the people of Naas. Having played a wide array of sports including underage rugby for Ireland and County football, I have experienced my fair share of injuries. Whether injuries occur while playing sport or from everyday activities, the end goal is to return to the activities you love doing as soon as possible.

If rehabilitation is performed well then not only will you get back to your sport sooner but you will also be less likely to get re-injured upon your return. Oftentimes, people are surprised when they discover that sports injuries have occurred because of weaknesses that may have been developing over months and even years. For this reason, I like to view rehabilitation from injury as a time to address such deficiencies & prevent recurrence once you return to sport.

Management of sports injuries does differ somewhat from that of the non-sporting population as they are generally placing a greater demand on their bodies and also need to get back to a high level of performance in the quickest time possible. It is of greater importance in the sporting population to highlight areas of deficiency that may be giving rise to injury as these deficiencies may also be adversely affecting sporting performance. A specific understanding of the requirements of the particular sport is also helpful in identifying issues and designing rehabilitation programmes.

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