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Cartilage Injury

Causes of Cartilage injury with treatment at Naas Physio Clinic

Cartilage Injury. Ross is a former Ireland rugby International & County Football Player.

What is a Cartilage Injury?

Cartilage is a connective tissue that lies within the joint surfaces of certain joints such as the knee joint. Damage to the knee cartilage is a relatively common complaint. When people discuss cartilage damage they are generally referring to the meniscus that sits inside the knee joint itself. When the meniscus of the knee is injured there may be an associated pop or click in the knee joint. This may be associated with knee pain going up a stairs or ‘giving way’ of the knee at points where increase stress is placed on the injured tissue.

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Causes of Meniscus Injury

The knee cartilage (meniscus) can be injured through a significant knee trauma or can come about through repeated mild trauma over several years. The mechanism of injury commonly involves a rotational movement at the knee with the foot planted on the ground. Any sports or activities involving repeated rotation at the knee can predispose an individual to cartilage injury, thus the incidence of this injury is high in field sports such as soccer.

Treatment of Meniscus Injury

Although surgery is an option for more severe cartilage (meniscus) injuries, generally most people can mange their symptoms via physiotherapy interventions and an exercise programme prior to taking this option. In high level athletes, surgery may be warranted at an earlier stage for cartilage injury repair.

Abnormalities in movement patterns can predispose to cartilage injury and these patterns should be addressed in order to prevent further damage and re-injury. A period of rest from the aggravating activity is usually warranted and the more comprehensive the rehabilitation process the less likely the condition is to progress rapidly.

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