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Why do some people respond so well to training while others struggle?

Benefits of Exercise May Vary from Person to Person Research at the Joslin Diabetes Centre has identified a molecular switch that may provide an explanation for how some people respond really well to cardiovascular or resistance exercises while others performing the same activity do not. The name

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Is there a link between inflammation and depression?

The cause of depression is not fully understood; however, previous research has suggested that inflammation may be a contributing factor in its development. In his book ‘The Inflamed Mind’ professor Edward Bulmore of the University of Cambridge puts forth the theory that inflammation causes depression. He believes

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Heavy schoolbags do not increase risk of back pain according to research

Use of Schoolbag in Children is Not Linked to Low Back Pain An Australian review of previous studies has conculuded that the weight & design of school bags is not linked to an increase in the risk of developing back pain. Back pain due to heavy schoolbags

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Cycling can keep you young

CYCLING & AGEING – REGULAR EXERCISE CAN KEEP YOU YOUNG New research suggests that exercise such as cycling can prevent many of the negative consequences of ageing. Ageing has been shown to be accompanied by a decline in immune function, referred to as immunesenescence. This is characterised

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Sudden Increase in Training Intensity Increases Risk of Injury

A Sudden Increase in Training Intensity Increases Injury Rates   As the evenings are becoming brighter people are turning their thoughts towards getting outdoors for exercise. It may even be time to get the running shoes on again. At this time of year, people tend to present

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Hip & Knee Arthritis

Low Prevalence of Hip and Knee Arthritis in Active Marathon Runners. A frequent comment from patients is that they avoid running as they are fearful that this will cause “wear & tear” of the knees or hips. A consequence of this ‘loading equals degeneration’ mindset is that

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Exercise alone does not lead to weight loss in women.

New research shows that exercise alone does not lead to weight loss in women. Research just carried out at Bangor University may provide some answers as to why some people struggle to lose weight despite their best efforts at exercising. Dr Hans-Peter Kubis of Bangor University states

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Glucosamine Ineffective for Treating Joint Pain.

Ditch the Glucosamine pills. Start exercising for healthier joints Evidence for Glucosamine in Treating Knee Arthritis A study published in 2015 in the Journal of Arthritis & Rheumatology, does not find any difference between the effects of glucosamine and placebo when taken for knee pain over a

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Chiropractic Proven Effective for Low Back Pain

Evidence for Chiropractic Treatment of Low Back Pain Back pain is the most common complaint treated by chiropractors. A recent scientific review suggests that chiropractic care may be as effective as pain-killing medications without the side effects associated with medications. Researchers performed a review of the current

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High Heels May Aggravate Back Pain

Heels more than 2.5 inches high possible cause of back pain- Say experts Stilettos are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. While they may do wonders for your iage, this may come at a price. The majority of women reported increased discomfort or pain in the

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