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Ross has been treating back pain since 2002 & has extensive experience working in some of the top pain clinics in Ireland.

With ten years of training & extensive experience in dealing with complex back pain presentations, Ross is ideally placed to get you back on the road to recovery. Ross has a unique set of qualifications and practice experience which allows him to identify the most appropriate means of treating back pain.

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False Beliefs About Back Pain

1. I Should Rest if I Have Back Pain

Unfortunately, a number of false beliefs exist when it comes to low back pain management. The number one false belief is that back pain requires a period of rest in order to recover fully. The evidence is clear that prolonged rest can give rise to further deconditioning & can actually set that person up for a lifetime of recurring back pain. A short period of rest may be advised in more severe injuries, for example where a disc herniation is causing nerve compression, but thankfully such presentations are not as common as generally perceived.

2. Back Pain Should Resolve Itself

It is commonly believed that once a back pain sufferers pain resolves that he or she no longer needs to worry about their back. The importance of prevention is evidenced by research showing a high percentage of individuals with back pain will tend to suffer a recurrence and that up to 80 percent of low back pain sufferers are still in pain one year later.

3. I should Avoid Bending or Lifting with Back Pain

It is also very common to find patients that have a fear of certain movements involving bending or lifting as this may have aggravated their back pain in the past.

Although this would appear a logical thought process, the most relevant question to ask is: why did a normal daily activity cause me to develop back pain when many others performed an identical task but did not develop back pain?

4. Back Pain Caused by a lack of Flexibility

False belief number three is that low back pain is associated with a lack of range of motion and that the goal of treatment should be to restore such motion.

While the logic that improving range of motion would improve symptoms may appear logical this has not been borne out by the clinical data. A lack of flexibility or range of motion has not been shown to be a predictor of low back pain development or recovery.

Back Pain Develops Over Time

Most conditions in the human body have a tendency to develop over time, so although the symptoms may have come on recently, the underlying causes have brought about progressive deconditioning over time.

This is usually the case, whether we are talking about back pain, disc herniations, pain associated with arthritis or cartilage damage.
So, if deconditioning is responsible for your injury then you can appreciate the logic of how rest & activity avoidance does not give rise to long-term positive outcomes.

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