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Our goal at Naas Physio Clinic is to provide a world-class physiotherapy service. Naas Physiotherapy Clinic was set up by lead clinical physiotherapist Ross Allen. Ross has over 10 years of training in the injury rehabilitation field and he is uniquely qualified to help you recover from injury. Furthermore, he has extensive experience in helping long-term (chronic) pain patients to recover, whether that is due to back pain or other joint injuries.

Ross specialises in cases that have not responded to previous treatment and also where a second opinion is required prior to undergoing surgical procedures. If you are feeling frustrated with an injury or not attaining the results that you were hoping for then feel free to contact Naas Physio Clinic to discuss any queries you may have.

Here at the Physio Clinic, Naas we genuinely care about our patients.

Ross Allen: Naas Physio Clinic Director. Back Pain Specialist

From an early age I developed a passion in injury management. My first significant injury occurred at age 15 when I tore my hamstring at a county football training session. Due to inadequate rehabilitation I ended up with significant ongoing pain that developed into chronic back pain. I ended up having to take time out from sport for a significant period as a result.

After visiting several physiotherapists & a chiropractor, I had personal experience of the frustration of not getting the answers I needed. This experience changed my life and fuelled my future passion for back pain and injury management.

I have been treating back pain since 2001 and have extensive experience working in some of the top pain clinics in Ireland. My passion & lifetime commitment to helping others who are suffering with back pain is based on my own personal experience & frustration in seeking help for the condition. This experience has shaped my evolution as a practitioner and has helped me immensely in understanding patients needs when setting up the physiotherapy clinic here in Naas. 


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Naas Physio Clinic. Ross is Ireland’s only dual-qualified Chartered Physiotherapist & Chiropractor.


Knee, Shoulder & Joint Pain Treatment at Naas Physio Clinic:

We specialise in the management of shoulder and knee pain here at Naas Physio Clinic. Having successfully eradicated my own chronic knee & shoulder pain, I understand how these conditions can be particularly responsive to appropriate treatment. My own experience has resulted in a special passion & clinical interest in both areas.

I have kept playing several sports despite a chronic knee cartilage injury due to repetitive trauma. I continue to read extensively to keep on top of the latest research in this field so that I can help patients return to normal activity as soon as possible. 


 Low Back Pain Interview by Naas Physio on KFM.

Shoulder Pain Interview by Naas Physio on KFM.

Knee Pain Interview by Naas Physio on KFM.

Sports Injury Treatment at Naas Physio Clinic

  • Former Irish rugby international & county football player
  • Experience working with rugby, football, hurling & soccer teams over a 10 year period
  • Extensive private practice experience across a range of therapies, including the Sports Surgery Clinic.

Having returned to sport after over a year of ongoing hamstring & low back injuries, I went on to represent Ireland at rugby & play county football. I have worked with teams across a range of sports including rugby, football, hurling & soccer for over a decade. If you are suffering with sports related injuries then call Naas Physio Clinic today to get back on the road to recovery.

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A Decade in Education:

1) B.Sc. Physiotherapy (Trinity College, Dublin).
Member Irish Society Chartered Physiotherapists

This course developed my understanding of injury management through exercise prescription & movement analysis.

I.S.C.P. registered Chartered Physiotherapists have undergone 4 years of education and as a result are entitles to attain society membership

2) B.Sc. Chiropractic (University of Cardiff)

This degree was extremely in-depth and provided an excellent understanding of physiology and holistic healthcare.

Swedish University research has shown that as a result of the quality of 4-5 years of University training undertaken by Doctors of Chiropractic that is the equivalent of Swedish medical training.

3) Dip. Sports Injury Therapy 

This degree course develop my hands-on treatment and manual therapy skills. This was very beneficial due to the fact that this component of care is sometimes lacking in other courses. If your looking for a Physio Naas Kildare area, our contact details are below.

Physiotherapy Evidence

Physiotherapy is very effective for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). In one study reported on the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website, 80 percent of people who had physiotherapy for their MSD were able to carry on working and did not have to go off sick.

The Manga Report, which was one of the largest scientific analysis of low back pain reported that spinal manipulation was more effective than alternative treatments for managing back pain. It also found that manipulation was safer than other medical interventions utilised.

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We are delighted to welcome you to Naas Physio Clinic website (Chartered Physiotherapy & Chiropractor). We take pride in offering the best available Physiotherapy & Chiropractor expertise to Naas & Newbridge.

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