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If President Obama found time for Exercise & a Healthy Diet then so can you!

If President Obama found time for Exercise then so can you! The Importance of a Healty Diet and Exercise for the New Year Wow, it is hard to believe we are heading towards the end of January already. The holidays are well & truly behind us but

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Moderate Intensity Exercise as good as High Intensity

Moderate intensity workout as good as High intensity exercise to lose weight Fascinating new research suggests that the intensity of exercise is irrelevant as long as the total calories expended are similar. In fact a daily 40 minute aerobic workout has the same effect as a 10

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The Correct Way to Carry a Bag to Avoid Back Pain

The Correct Way to Carry a Bag to Avoid Back Pain Most people don’t give a second thought to how they carry a bag until the day comes when their back starts to ache. Suddenly every movement is scrutinised in order to identify what might have caused

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Weekend Exercise alone can decrease risk of cancer & heart disease

Can training on the weekend alone achieve similar benefits to a full week of exercise? A case for “cramming” Most evidence suggests that exercising on a regular basis on five or more days a week is optimal for improving health. However, a recent study suggests that if

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Exercise hailed as the “wonder drug” of 2017 that all doctors should prescribe

Exercise hailed as the “wonder drug” of 2017 that all doctors should prescribe Exercise is vital for maintaining health and for staving off illness, especially at this time of the year when chest infections and viruses are rife. With many people finding it hard to put aside

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Are Gym Balls Effective?

Gym balls are in fashion but are they effective?  Over the last number of years, the gym ball has become a central component of most gym equipment collections. Evidence for use of a gym ball to activate the ‘core’ muscles is sparse; however, research performed ar Dalhousie

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REST MAY NOT BE BEST WHEN IT COMES TO CONCUSSION Prescribed rest is the standard approach for managing concussion. Recent research published in the Journal Neurosurgery, however, suggests that an active, targeted approach might provide better outcomes for some patients. “Matching treatments to specific symptoms, impairments, and

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Physiotherapy for Low Back Pain

Does physiotherapy really work in getting relief from low back pain? Low back pain is one of the most common health issues faced by people all over the world. This pain is often depressing and exhausting and physiotherapy is one of the widely acknowledged treatments for it.

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Low Back Pain: Are Sit-Ups Appropriate?

Sit-Ups Not Recommended for Low Back Pain Patients will often ask me what the best exercises to do for low back pain. Oftentimes, they fail to ask which exercises would be best to omit from the programme. If certain exercises help to relieve back pain, then there

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Does back pain resolve itself?

Back pain is sometimes reported as having a self-limiting course. This is true in some cases; however, the incidence recurrence has been reported to be much higher than previously believed.  Back Pain has High Recurrence Rate Professor Chris Maher, a professor at the Sydney Medical School reports

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