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Whiplash: Ross Allen is Ireland’s only dual-qualified Chartered Physiotherapist & Chiropractor


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What is Whiplash?

Whiplash refers to an acceleration or deceleration injury to the neck (cervical spine) & is most commonly associated with rear-end motor accident. The injury can affect several structures in the neck including the joints, muscles, ligaments & nerves. Because of the wide spectrum of presentations in terms of severity & involved structures, whiplash injuries can prove difficult to manage clinically.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms associated with whiplash include stiff, painful neck & shoulders. Headaches may also be present. Occasionally, these symptoms may take hours or several days after the accident to manifest. Patients will often report a limitation in neck motion, especially rotation. In most cases symptoms will resolve over a number of weeks; however, there is large variability in time-scales required for recovery.

Treatment of Whiplash Injuries

The key to whiplash management is early intervention & progressive increased exercise intensity. Oftentimes, there is significant restriction of the cervical facet joints and tenderness of the surrounding musculature. Manual therapies will aim to restore normal joint motion & address areas of scar tissue development in muscle.

It is important to be reassured by the fact that prognosis for those who have undergone whiplash injuries is generally good. The Québec task force on Whiplash-Associated Disorders concludes that there is little evidence for the use of cervical collars and corticosteroid injections in the management of whiplash injuries. Instead of actively rest & use of neck collars, the latest research suggests that an active rehabilitation approach will lead to a more rapid recovery. The Quebec Task Force suggests that prolonged immobilisation can reduce cervical mobility & increase scar tissue in the neck. Here at the Physio Clinic Naas & Dalkey our aim is to get people back to their regular activities as soon as possible after whiplash injuries.

Chronic Whiplash

It has been shown that individuals who undergo whiplash & develop chronic neck pain have alterations in muscle activation patterns in the neck. The deep stabilising muscles of the neck have been shown to be weaker in such patients & therefore interventions are required to redress this muscle imbalance and restore normal movement. The classic presentation for such individuals is forwards head carriage where the head sits in front of the shoulders. The muscles on the front of the neck will often appear very taught and prominent in such individuals. Detailed analysis is required to identify which muscles are underactive & which ones are overactive in order to design a specific rehabilitation programme.

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