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Snapping Hip

Snapping hip causes & treatment at Newbridge & Naas Physio Clinic. Chartered Physio & Chiropractor.

Ross Allen is dual qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist & Chiropractor.


Many patients will present to the clinic reporting a clicking or snapping sensation in the hip. A snapping sensation around the hip can have a wide variety of causes most of which are benign. Snapping can occur in several different locations in the hip depending on the cause. Snapping at the front of the hip while lifting the leg out to the side or turning the foot outwards suggests that the psoas tendon may be snapping over a bony prominence. On the outside of the hip lies a thick band of tissue called the iliotibial band. If this band snaps over the hip then this may give rise to lateral snapping while moving the leg out to your side.

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