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Ligament Injury

Causes of ligament injury problems with treatment at the Physio Clinic - Naas & New bridge. Charteref Physio & Chiropractor.

Ligament Injury: Ross Allen is a former Ireland rugby International & County Football Player.


What is a Ligament Injury?

A ligament differs from a tendon in that a ligament attaches from one bone to another while a tendon joins a muscle to a bone. Ligaments are strong, rigid structures and considerable force is required to tear them. The anterior cruciate ligament injury is the most severe & well-known injury amongst sports people.

What causes a Ligament Injury?

Ligament injury is often induced by excessive force, generally on the opposite side of the involved joint. For example, a trauma to the outside of the knee will often cause injury to the medial collateral ligament on the inside of the knee joint. Aside from an acute trauma, it is also important to understand that chronic low-grade abnormal stress may also give rise to ligament injury. Often, when a ligament is overloaded, the surrounding muscles are also involved.

The most common locations for Ligament Injury include:

  • Knee (anterior cruciate)
  • Knee (medial collateral or lateral collateral ligament)
  • Thumb
  • Wrist
  • Elbow
  • Spine

Physiotherapy for Ligament Injury

Physiotherapy for a ligament injury starts with diagnosis and differentiating from a muscle or tendon involvement is important. Stability testing is useful in identifying joints that may have become unstable due to loss of ligament integrity. Where diagnosis is uncertain an MRI scan may be warranted in some cases. A period of rest & strapping may be warranted until pain & swelling decrease. Loading of the injured structure is important to optimise healing. Graded exercise combined with manual physiotherapy & mobilisations can help to minimize adhesion & encourage proper soft-tissue healing.

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