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Avulsion Fracture

Avulsion Fracture treatment at the Physio Clinic Naas & Newbridge

Avulsion Fracture. Ross Allen is a former Ireland rugby International & County Football Player

Avulsion Fracture 

An Avulsion fracture takes place in cases where a small bone fragment is pulled away (avulsed) from the main body of the bone. Both ligaments & tendons attach to bones at certain landmarks & for this reason avulsion fractures are particularly commonplace in certain areas of the body such as the outside of the foot (at the head of the 5th metatarsal). A severe hamstring injury may also give rise to an avulsion fracture of the bone & this requires a lengthy rehabilitation process.

Physiotherapy Treatment of Avulsion Fracture

The initial goal following an avulsion fracture is to minimise pain & swelling. This requires the application of ice, compression & sufficient rest to allow bone healing. If weight-bearing exercise is initiated too early in the process then this can delay healing significantly & delay return to activity. Once the fracture site has healed, then your physio will introduce a graded exercise programme. The first goal will be to restore normal range of motion as soon as possible. Then the next goal is to increase strength & ensure that the strength is restored to pre-injury levels so as to prevent further injury to the area involved.

Most avulsion fractures respond very well to physiotherapy treatment & only severe cases require surgical intervention.

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