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Causes & treatment of arthritis at the Physio Clinic Naas & Newbridge.

Physiotherapy for Arthritis

Physiotherapy plays an important role in managing the symptoms of arthritis. It can help you to remain active & maintain independence through improving your mobility, strength and flexibility.

What do physiotherapists do for Arthritis?

Physiotherapists have a detailed understanding of joint structure & function. The physio approach to arthritis treatment & management entails identifying potential causes of the condition. Arthritis is often driven through inappropriate movement patterns that over time lead to degeneration of a joint & its cartilage. This can give rise to a gradual increase in joint pain & possible clicking.

Physiotherapists can devise simple exercise programmes that you can practise at home to help you build your strength and flexibility. The goal of physiotherapy interventions is to improve movement patterns and avoid progression of joint degeneration. If physio is applied at an early enough stage then the pain & clicking associated with arthritis can be reduced or eliminated in some cases.

Exercise is especially important for people with arthritis. It can help to reduce pain and increase mobility

Other considerations – Diet and Arthritis

Research by Rolf Peterson looking at the bones of the moose of Lake Superior has shown that many suffer with arthritis. One might automatically presume that this is due to a particularly harsh environment which requires excess joint loading. As it turns out, nutritional factors in early life have been linked to the development of arthritis in the moose in later life.

Obesity has also been linked to arthritis. Recent research has suggested a potential link between obesity and arthritis. This connection may be due to the inflammatory nature of the environment in such individual which may act as a driver of premature cartilage degeneration.

What will happen in my physiotherapy assessment?

Physiotherapy assessment will incorporate an assessment of your posture, movement & walking or running patterns. Orthopaedic tests will also be used to identify the source of the pain joint. This will determine the probable outcome of the physio interventions & the likely long-term prognosis.

This examination will be followed by advice and the provision of a personalised treatment plan. This may include:

  • exercise
  • posture advice
  • what is safe to do & what should be avoided
  • education & movement re-education

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